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Adventures in Kittenhood

So, two weeks ago, I walked into Penny‘s room and discovered her in the corner, giving birth right there on the floor! (So much for that birthing box…)! It’s been a crazy two weeks full of wonder and worry and change, and I’m still amazed that six beautiful kittens came out of tiny, little Penny. I was betting that she’d have three. Four at the most! I’m in love with each and every one of them and sit and observe them every chance I get. I know they’ll be all grown up before I know it, so I’m trying to cherish the few weeks that we’ll have with them here before it’s time for them to go to their new homes. Here’s a roundup of some photos from their first two weeks:

kittens 1

kittens 2

kittens 3

kittens 4

kittens 5

kittens 6

kittens 7

kittens 8

kittens 9

kittens 10

kittens 11

kittens 12

kittens 13

kittens 14

kittens 15

One week old!


kittens 16

kittens 17

kittens 18

kittens 19

kittens 20

kittens 21

kittens 22

kittens 23

kittens 24

kittens 25

Look at those peepers!


kittens 26

kittens 27

kittens 28

kittens 29

Two weeks old!


kittens 30

kittens 31

kittens 32

kittens 33

kittens 34


Stay tuned for more kitten updates! And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our farm accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more pics as well as news about our farm/sanctuary, Ahimsa Acres!






So, on Friday night, this happened…

3 rats igloo

We adopted three, adorable, little rat girls! Mary, Winifred and Sarah (a little homage to Hocus Pocus!) are now part of our crazy household.

I’d been itching to get a rat for a long, long time and after I saw this, my mind was made up! I had to have one!

I contacted Philly Rat Rescue and got some great advice about what rat ownership is all about. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any available rats that would be suitable for first-time owners like ourselves, but they put me in touch with a private rescuer who had more adoptees available and on Friday night, she brought over seven little ratties for us to meet.

At first, I thought one rat would suffice. But the more research I did, the more I realized that since rats are such social critters, they really need to be around other rats to be happiest… Two rats it would be. So how did we end up with three? Well, it turns out that the seven rats we met on Friday night were a very bonded group. Someone else had already agreed to take four, so if we only took two, that would leave one, poor, lonely rat. And we definitely couldn’t do that. What’s the difference between two rats and three rats, anyway?!…

With a few days of rat ownership under my belt, I can honestly say that they’ve been a little bit more work than I’d expected. We’ve already had to clean their cage and wash their little bed, since there was pee in it. Acutally, it seems that they pee everywhere! So, we’re in the process of litter training right now to see if we can get them to go in only one part of their cage… I’ll let you know how that goes!

I’ve also given them baths (yes, it is as complicated as it sounds!) because they were a little stinky when they came to us. They were rescued from a horrible situation over the summer and I think some of the issues we’re experiencing now are just residual effects of the deplorable conditions they came from and I’m confident that as time goes by, things will get a lot easier for us and for them! I’m also hoping that they come out of their shells a bit more. They’re definitely interested in us, but still seem a little frightened. I guess those baths really didn’t help that issue…

Mary, Winifred and Sarah are quick and wiggly little girls and are pretty hard to photograph unless they’re sleeping, so I haven’t been able to snap a whole lot of pictures yet, but here are a few:

rat 2

rat 3

rats 3

rats 4

rats 5

rats 6

rats 7

rats 8

Adorable, right?!

I’m happy to have the chance to give these little ladies a chance at a better life and am exited to see what rat ownership has in store for us!

Who else has pet rats? Have any advice to offer?