Midnight Visitor

Each night, she longed for his arrival,

counting down the moments in her head.

Another sleepless night,

more dreams never dreamed.


As she lay in bed, waiting,

he marked his presence with his spindly beams.

They flooded through the windows,

reflected, and filled the room with his familiar glow.

The sounds of the night were the soundtrack

as shadows of leaves danced on the floor.


Tired eyes relaxed,

a sigh of relief exhaled.

She rose and tiptoed to the window,

eager to see him once again.

He cast his light upon her,

and embraced her with his electric hug.


In awe, she studied him closely

and wished she could touch him with her hands.

Tonight he shone round and full,

more brightly than she had ever recalled.

Mesmerized by the celestial magic,

she longed to understand his power.


Against the inky backdrop,

everything seemed to stand still.

She was lost in that moment,

and time ceased to exist.


He made her feel small,

a minute speck in the universe.

But in these moments,

she felt brave.

There was no more fear,

no more limits.

She could do anything,

and ideas swirled through her mind.


The hours ticked by,

but still he stayed.

Her welcomed friend,

her midnight visitor.


As his glow began to melt into the night,

she knew their time was drawing short.

So she tucked away his messages,

deep inside her heart.



Weird Girl

Hey, blogosphere! I’ve missed you this week!

I’ve been crazy busy with my summertime pet-sitting schedule (and playing with my new Vitamix!! 🙂 ) and am just now getting a second to breathe.


I didn’t have much time to work on any substantial posts this week, but here’s an original poem I’ve been working on. It describes the ways in which I view myself and I think some of you can relate to it on some level:

weird girl

Weird girl’s different

she’s complex

she’s strange.

Weird girl sees things differently

lives differently

thinks differently.

Weird girl’s fueled by her passions

and driven by her heart.

Weird girl’s a thinker

a dreamer

a doer.

Weird girl likes different things

she needs different things

she wants different things.

Weird girl is not always what she seems

but she’s always true to her soul.

Weird girl thirsts for knowledge

and helping

and experiencing.

Weird girl doesn’t always “get” the world

and sometimes, it doesn’t “get” her either.

Weird girl wants to change the world

she can

she will.

Weird girl wonders why there aren’t more like her

but then she realizes she’s glad there aren’t.

Weird girl is wonderful

and powerful

and smart.

Weird girl is beautifully,



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It’s A Love/Hate Kinda Thing

I’m back. Yes… again.

Here’s the deal: Blogging and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the idea of blogging, but I hate the act of actually doing it. Or so I thought, anyway.

2013 was a rough year for me, but in it’s own weird way, a wonderful one, as well. Life knocked me way down a few times and I found myself dealing with some pretty terrifying things. I went from literally thinking I was dying (thanks, anxiety and hypochondria!) to feeling more alive than I can remember feeling in a long time. I learned more about myself in the last six months than in my entire 28 years of life, combined, and I came to a few very important realizations about who I really am and what I want (and don’t want) out of this life. During this time, I also reconnected with old passions and discovered new ones.

One of those profound realizations was figuring out how writing fits into my life. As a kid, I was constantly writing. I wrote short stories; I wrote poems; I wrote because I enjoyed it. Throughout high school and college, I lost a lot of that zeal and writing became more like a chore to me; I found it to be much less enjoyable than when I was younger. Still, I’ve always felt something inside me — something that told me I needed to write. It’s like a little flame that sometimes feels like it’s  barely burning, but that never really extinguishes fully. I’ve always dreamed of someday writing a book. I hoped that I’d create the type of stories that people became fanatical about. I wanted to be the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. Yeah, I had big ambitions. But now, I’m not so sure that those ambitions are the right ones for me. I feel myself being drawn more and more to the world of non-fiction. Non-fiction books compose the majority of my bookcase and they’re the sections I tend to get lost in the most when I visit a book store. Non-fiction stories have opened my eyes to new realms, inspired me to re-examine my role as a being on this planet and inspired me to challenge the status quo. That’s powerful. That’s the power I’d like my writing to have. Maybe I’ll travel to Greece and and write about the street dogs I met there. Maybe I’ll write about the history of yoga around the world. Maybe I’ll write a cookbook featuring 101 ways to prepare potatoes. Or maybe I won’t. I’m still working on figuring it all out. And although I think I’m still a long way off from seeing my name printed on the cover of a book, I want to get there, someday. Someday starts today.

This will be my third attempt at keeping up with blogging (Third time’s a charm, right?). In the past, I’ve become frustrated because I put too many constraints on my writing. I was blogging the wrong content for the wrong reasons. I felt that I needed to write a certain type of post and keep a certain schedule in order to gain a certain following.  This mindset led to writing which lacked an organic feeling — it I felt forced and dull — and was absent of that spark that I think all good writing should create in its readers. I didn’t do a very good job of keeping up and soon found blogging being placed on the burner behind the back burner.

Since I don’t do well with boundaries placed upon myself or my writing, you won’t find any here. This blog is a place for me to share my passions, my opinions and my ideas with the world. It’s the beginning of a new journey for me and I invite you to follow along!

So, welcome (or… welcome back!) and enjoy!