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Three Things: August

three wall

Due to lack of recent posts, I have, unfortunately, missed out on sharing my “Three Things” with you for the past few months. It was way back in May when I last posted my monthly goals. They were:

  • get a bike
  • plant a garden
  • create a new recipe

How’d I do with those? Well, I did get a bike (thanks to my awesome sister-in-law), but I’ve only ridden it twice. It’s been too hot and humid for me to tolerate being outside for much longer than I have to for work and farm chores. Bad reasoning excuse, I know, but I’m looking forward to fall, cooler days and long bike rides to make up for lost time!!

We didn’t get around to planting a garden, but we did find a good spot for one next year. I’m admittedly not quite as good at keeping plants alive as I am at keeping animals alive, but we’ll give it a shot then, with some hardy and easy-to-grow crops and see if they can stand up to my very black thumb.

I did create a new recipe — Pickle Dip — which I’ve made at least three times for events this summer and each and every time, it’s been a huge hit! People love this stuff! If you haven’t given it a try yet, check it out. It’s super simple to make, too, and almost impossible to mess up!

This month, I’m planning on working on the following:

  • do at least three things for myself
  • work on my book
  • limit my (non-work-related) social media usage

Wish me luck and keep me on track, guys!

What goals do you have for the month ahead?


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Three Things: May

crackly three

Happy May! I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the beauty of spring.

Now that our move is over, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I feel like these last few months have just been pure chaos and I find myself really craving normalcy and order again! I need to set some goals for myself other than to finish unpacking (nope, still not done…), so without further ado, here are my “three things” for May:

  • get a bike
  • plant a garden
  • create a new recipe

I’ll post an update on my goals at the beginning of June. Until then… Wishing you all a wonderful month!

What goals are you working on at the moment?

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March’s Goals and an Update On My Life List

Since we’ll be making settlement on our farm at the end of this month, I expect March to be nothing less than a crazy whirlwind. With that said, I’m giving myself a break from my usual “Three Things” for this month and focusing on just one thing: getting everyone and everything safely to the new house without losing (too much of) my sanity!

I did accomplish each of my three goals for February, though, which I’m pretty stoked about: I finished “To Kill A Mockingbird” on Friday. I thought the story was a bit slow to develop and contemplated nixing it once or twice, but I kept reading and I’m glad I did. What a wonderful and powerful piece of literature. I’m eager to read the sequel when it’s released later this year!

I tried not one, but two new foods — rutabaga and minneolas. I really enjoyed both and I think they’ll be finding their way into my grocery cart a little more often.

This rutabaga made its way into a veggie pot pie and a batch of veggie soup. Kind of potato and carrot-like, and also very tasty!

This rutabaga made its way into a veggie pot pie and a batch of veggie soup. Kind of potato and carrot-like, and also very tasty!

And finally, I did lots and lots of decluttering! I dropped some commitments that really weren’t serving me anymore, I let go of some emotions that were holding me back and I threw away a lot of stuff while packing for our move. February was very successful month, I’d say!

And since we’re on the subject of getting things done, I thought now might be a good time to offer up an update on my Life List…

A while back, I posted my Life List here. Think Bucket List meets To Do List — mine includes everything from visiting the Galapagos Islands to quitting my cuticle biting habit — the big things and the not-so-big things.

I haven’t given an update to that original post (almost two years ago!), so here’s a glimpse into to how my list currently stands.


– rock a pixie haircut

– teach myself to play guitar

– take a road trip across the US

– vacation in Europe

– become fluent in another language

– do more of what makes me happy: I’ve found more happiness than I ever expected in the last few years. I’ve really discovered my passions and have focused on them much more intensely that I ever have. I’m also getting a little better at letting things go that don’t serve me well, which has brought me more unexpected happiness.

happy voltaire

– volunteer more: I’ve done a lot of volunteering in the past two years. It’s something that brings me incredible joy and it’s something I don’t want to ever stop doing!

– maintain a healthy weight

– get a backpiece (tattoo)

– be a better wife

– save a (human) life

– be more “green”

– have a handicapped pet

– own a horse

– keep a cow as a pet

– keep a duck as a pet

– keep a pig as a pet

– learn to like running

– run a 5K: I completed a 5K last year, but I didn’t run the entire time. I’m not marking this one complete, yet!

– really learn how to use my camera – not just auto mode!

– foster animals for a shelter/rescue

– try SCUBA diving again

– and skiing

– participate in a World Vets volunteer trip: I’m going later this year — probably in November or December — to celebrate my 3oth birthday!!!

– quit my gross cuticle-biting habit

– finish all the scrap books I’ve started

– be a more confident public speaker

– be a better vegan

– work for a non-profit organization

– participate in a protest: DONE! I’ve participated in a few at a local pet store that sells puppies, one at a bird store and I was also a part of a circus protest. Protesting is not at all intimidating, like I thought it would be. It feels quite empowering, actually!

bird store protest

– read more books

– write a book: I’ve started brainstorming for a few and have written some rough outlines. Gotta start somewhere, right?!

– write a cookbook

– be a better Christian

– live without credit cards

– eat fewer carbs

– be more organized

– visit as many animal sanctuaries in the US as I can: Three down (Farm Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and Catskill Animal Sanctuary), many more to go!

I kissed a cow and I LOVED it!

I kissed a cow and I LOVED it!


– adopt a pet from outside the US

– watch every ‘I Love Lucy’ episode: I’m on Season 3!

– own every Disney movie

– re-watch ‘LOST’

– travel to Georgia with the MOMS Rescue for one of their monthly, life-saving trips

– anonomously do something nice for a stranger

– grow a vegetable garden: I’m already planning out our garden at the new house. We have almost 6 acres, so we have plenty of room.

– visit every US state: I can check NJ, NY, PA, DE, VA, NC, FL, CA, WA, MD, DC off the list.

– become certified in therapeutic animal massage

– learn more about holistic/alternative medicine

– learn a cultural dance

– own a convertible car

– convert someone to vegetarianism/veganism: I proudly take credit for my husband’s transition to vegetarianism and helping him find his way toward veganism. (It’s one of my greatest accomplishments!) I’ve also created some sparks in the hearts and minds of a few friends and family members! 

– start antiquing: The Mr. and I went on an antique hunt on Sunday. We didn’t buy anything, but we had fun looking. Our new house just screams, “Fill me with antiques!,” so I’m sure it will be something that we do more often in the future. 

– live in an old farmhouse: As of March 31, we will be living in a 19th century farmhouse! CAN’T. FREAKING. WAIT!!!

This 19th century farmhouse, to be exact!

This 19th century farmhouse, to be exact!

– take a solo vacation: My trip with World Vets will be a solo one. I’m excited but a bit scared to be out of the country by myself. Many internal pep talks will be needed for this one!

– visit the Galapagos Islands

– host a fancy dinner party

– see The Starry Night in person

– conquer my fear of city driving


I’m also adding a few more things to my list:

– meet my “soul sister,” in person (you know who you are!!) 🙂

– be part of a documentary

– can and preserve our own food

– earn another degree

– Meet Jane Goodall


Do you keep a “Life List,” or a similar type list? What recent things have you checked off of yours?


Three Things: February

three feb

February’s here! It’s the shortest month of the year, so be sure to make it count! Here are my “three things” for this month:

  • Read a classic novel. With this recent news, I’m thinking it has to be To Kill A Mockingbird. I don’t know how I made it through school without reading it!
  • Prepare/try a new food
  • Declutter (in more ways than one)
let it go

My current mantra.


What are you working on this month?


Three Things: New Year’s Edition

word three

Happy 2015!! I hope your holidays were full of happiness, love and laughter.

January 1, 2015 marked a new chapter in each of our lives; a blank slate; a chance to begin anew.

Although I’ve never really been one for making resolutions, I have really been enjoying my monthly goal-setting initiatives, so I’m going to continue doing so into the new year. As we roll into 2015, though, there are three specific things I’d like to try to focus on in 364 days ahead — my ‘resolutions,’ if you will:

  • eat cleaner
  • write more
  • bump up my activism

Whether or not you made a resolution this year, I invite you to share your own goals for the month or the year ahead in the comments. I think it’s important to always maintain a list of goals and I believe that it’s one of the best ways to ensure continual personal growth. I can tell you from experience, that when you share your goals with others, you’re much more likely to stick with them and see them through. And remember to always strive for progress, not perfection. We are all works in progress and need time to evolve into the best versions of ourselves!

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2015 be the best year, yet!

P.S. — If you’re hoping to dip your toes in the vegan waters this year, or maybe you just want to eat fewer animal-based products, check out the awesome vegan resource round-up that Melissa from It’s Got Vegan In It put together. Her list takes a lot of the guesswork and mystery out of the vegan equation.

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Three Things: December

mirror 3

Oopsies… It’s the third of December and I just realized I’m late with posting my Three Things!

Life’s been a little hectic around here lately — job stuff, prepping to move, getting ready for the holidays… — so I’m going to take it easy on myself this month and try to just enjoy this time of year. It’s my very favorite and always seems to slip by so quickly. I don’t want that to happen this year.

Here are my goals for this month:

  • go to a Christmas parade
  • use the spa gift card I’ve been holding on to for more than a year
  • start planning my 30th birthday volunteer trip (it’s only a year away!!)

Happy December, everyone! What are your goals for this month?

PS — Here are some adorable dogs singing “The Christmas Song.” Just because…

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Three Things: September

fancy 3

September’s here, which makes me super happy because I only have to wait a few more weeks until the arrival of my favorite season — autumn! But before I get too giddy about changing leaves and cooler weather, it’s time to set some new goals for this month. First, though, here’s a recap of August‘s goals:

  1. Donate blood
  2. Declutter
  3. Try a new yoga class


How’d I do? Ehh…Not so great, really.

I did attempt to donate blood, which was a huge deal for me since I’m pretty phobic when it comes to having blood drawn. I made my appointment, showed up, got my sticker, answered the questions, but failed the hemoglobin test by just a fraction. (I didn’t rig it — I swear)! My level was 12.3 and it had to be 12.5 to be a candidate for donation, so I wasn’t able to donate that day.

I was actually pretty disappointed. I had built up my confidence and was ready to face my fear. I still would like to try again and I’m planning to sign up for another drive this month, once I work up my courage again! (There really is a great need for blood and the Red Cross is currently experiencing a shortage. If you are able to, please donate and help save some lives!)

red cross sticker

Well… I tried to.

My house could use a lot of decluttering, but in August, I just couldn’t find the time to do it. I cleaned out our front closet, threw out some stuff and donated three bags to Purple Heart. I guess that’s a start, right?

I only got to one yoga class this month! One! I’m pretty upset about that, honestly, since yoga has been a huge, positive force in my life since I started practicing last year. But the hectic and unpredictable schedule of a summertime pet-sitter made it nearly impossible for me to get to any yoga class, let alone a new one! I’d still like to try out a new class, though, as my schedule returns to a (somewhat) more manageable status as summer winds down.

Alright, so let’s hope September’s goals go a little bit better! Here they are:

  1. Attend at least two fall festivals
  2. Plan our meals each week
  3. Start a gratitude journal


Happy September, everyone!!

Who’s on the Three Things train with me?! What are your goals for this month?