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Three Things: August

three wall

Due to lack of recent posts, I have, unfortunately, missed out on sharing my “Three Things” with you for the past few months. It was way back in May when I last posted my monthly goals. They were:

  • get a bike
  • plant a garden
  • create a new recipe

How’d I do with those? Well, I did get a bike (thanks to my awesome sister-in-law), but I’ve only ridden it twice. It’s been too hot and humid for me to tolerate being outside for much longer than I have to for work and farm chores. Bad reasoning excuse, I know, but I’m looking forward to fall, cooler days and long bike rides to make up for lost time!!

We didn’t get around to planting a garden, but we did find a good spot for one next year. I’m admittedly not quite as good at keeping plants alive as I am at keeping animals alive, but we’ll give it a shot then, with some hardy and easy-to-grow crops and see if they can stand up to my very black thumb.

I did create a new recipe — Pickle Dip — which I’ve made at least three times for events this summer and each and every time, it’s been a huge hit! People love this stuff! If you haven’t given it a try yet, check it out. It’s super simple to make, too, and almost impossible to mess up!

This month, I’m planning on working on the following:

  • do at least three things for myself
  • work on my book
  • limit my (non-work-related) social media usage

Wish me luck and keep me on track, guys!

What goals do you have for the month ahead?



Here’s Your Sign

heres your sign

Have you ever needed a sign from God/the Universe/Fate/whatever you believe in?

I certainly have and this week, I got two of them.

Late Sunday night, I received a Facebook message from a friend of a friend. She’s an animal activist and had participated in a protest earlier that day at a live poultry market in Philly. She managed to save a chicken and wanted to know if we could take her and let her live here at our farm. Of course, I wanted to tell her yes, we could, but inside, I had reservations. This is what I’ve wanted to do all my life — rescue animals — but I still didn’t feel ready. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about how this whole rescue thing was going to work out and how we’d deal with it — physically, financially and emotionally. I told her I’d have to talk it over with my husband and promised to get back to her in the morning.

Fast forward to the next morning: Anthony walked in the door after his shift and the first thing he says to me is, “Guess what I got stuck driving behind today?”

“A school bus? Garbage truck?,” I guessed.

“No,” he said. “Our worst nightmare.” And my heart sank as he told me about the truckload of chickens that he drove behind for a while until he helplessly watched it pull into a processing plant.

There it was. My sign.

It didn’t matter that we weren’t 100% ready for her — that chicken was meant to be with us! I contacted her rescuer and we arranged to get her here. She arrived that night and soon after, my second sign did, too.

Lovely miss Anfisa!

Lovely miss Anfisa!

This morning I woke up before the sun had even risen. I had a job interview scheduled for 7am and a full day of dog walking after that. Waking up with a major headache should have been my first indication that things were going a bit awry. I took care of all the animals, including our new addition, Anfisa (which means “flower” in Russian), and got myself ready to go. I looked at the clock and cursed as I realized I was running a little late and still had to stop for gas on the way. I loaded up my hands with everything I’d need for the day and out the door I went. Minus my keys. Yep. Locked out with no car keys to get me anywhere.


Anthony wasn’t home, no one close had a key and I didn’t have a spare hidden anywhere in case of an emergency. After losing it for a second, I composed myself and marched right out to the chicken coop, climbed in and sat and chatted with Anfisa until Anthony was able to come let me back in the house. I missed my interview, but you know what, it wasn’t the end of the world. I was able to reschedule. So my morning was crappy — big whoop. It happens. I was able to spend some precious bonding time with Anfisa and I took the events of this morning as a sign that no matter the feelings I’ve been experiencing lately, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.

So, my message to you is this: try not to worry so much and stop trying to figure everything out. Things have an uncanny way of working themselves out in our favor.

Oh, and always be open to the signs that are sent your way!

Do you believe in signs?

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Three Things: May

crackly three

Happy May! I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the beauty of spring.

Now that our move is over, I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I feel like these last few months have just been pure chaos and I find myself really craving normalcy and order again! I need to set some goals for myself other than to finish unpacking (nope, still not done…), so without further ado, here are my “three things” for May:

  • get a bike
  • plant a garden
  • create a new recipe

I’ll post an update on my goals at the beginning of June. Until then… Wishing you all a wonderful month!

What goals are you working on at the moment?


Three Things: February

three feb

February’s here! It’s the shortest month of the year, so be sure to make it count! Here are my “three things” for this month:

  • Read a classic novel. With this recent news, I’m thinking it has to be To Kill A Mockingbird. I don’t know how I made it through school without reading it!
  • Prepare/try a new food
  • Declutter (in more ways than one)
let it go

My current mantra.


What are you working on this month?


Three Things: New Year’s Edition

word three

Happy 2015!! I hope your holidays were full of happiness, love and laughter.

January 1, 2015 marked a new chapter in each of our lives; a blank slate; a chance to begin anew.

Although I’ve never really been one for making resolutions, I have really been enjoying my monthly goal-setting initiatives, so I’m going to continue doing so into the new year. As we roll into 2015, though, there are three specific things I’d like to try to focus on in 364 days ahead — my ‘resolutions,’ if you will:

  • eat cleaner
  • write more
  • bump up my activism

Whether or not you made a resolution this year, I invite you to share your own goals for the month or the year ahead in the comments. I think it’s important to always maintain a list of goals and I believe that it’s one of the best ways to ensure continual personal growth. I can tell you from experience, that when you share your goals with others, you’re much more likely to stick with them and see them through. And remember to always strive for progress, not perfection. We are all works in progress and need time to evolve into the best versions of ourselves!

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2015 be the best year, yet!

P.S. — If you’re hoping to dip your toes in the vegan waters this year, or maybe you just want to eat fewer animal-based products, check out the awesome vegan resource round-up that Melissa from It’s Got Vegan In It put together. Her list takes a lot of the guesswork and mystery out of the vegan equation.

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Three Things: December

mirror 3

Oopsies… It’s the third of December and I just realized I’m late with posting my Three Things!

Life’s been a little hectic around here lately — job stuff, prepping to move, getting ready for the holidays… — so I’m going to take it easy on myself this month and try to just enjoy this time of year. It’s my very favorite and always seems to slip by so quickly. I don’t want that to happen this year.

Here are my goals for this month:

  • go to a Christmas parade
  • use the spa gift card I’ve been holding on to for more than a year
  • start planning my 30th birthday volunteer trip (it’s only a year away!!)

Happy December, everyone! What are your goals for this month?

PS — Here are some adorable dogs singing “The Christmas Song.” Just because…

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Three Things: October

october three I know, I know. It’s October 6 — I’m a little late getting this post up. But in my defense, we had a health scare in our family last week and things have been a bit hectic around here lately, to say the least. I’m just now getting around to mapping out my goals for October. Here they are:

  1. Make a decent dent in my Christmas shopping
  2. Use the art supplies I bought for myself more than six months ago
  3. Start training for my first Tough Mudder (which will be sometime next year)

And if you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember my goals from last month:

  1. Attend at least two fall festivals
  2. Plan our meals each week
  3. Start a gratitude journal

I didn’t get to any festivals or have much luck with planning out meals in advance. My schedule was not very conducive for either of those things last month, unfortunately. I did, however, start a gratitude journal. I didn’t journal every day and I didn’t even do it in an actual journal (I used the “Notes” app on my phone), but I do have a record that I would eventually like to transfer into an actual journal (I have my eye on this one — I’m a big fan of Gretchen Rubin!). It’s a start, and it’s something I’m definitely going to try to keep doing. I really enjoyed going back and reading the things I had written previously.

Happy October, everyone! This is one of my very favorite months, so I’m hoping we get good news this week and can get back to enjoying this time of the year! If you’re also “Three Thing-ing,” what goals are on your agenda for this month?