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I Can’t Even…

Can someone tell me how this is even possible?!

One day I walk into the spare bedroom to find Penny giving birth in the corner and I blink my eyes and this has happened:

james then and now

I. Can’t. Even. Deal.

Have four and a half months really passed already? I refuse to believe it. This new house must be located in some sort of freaky time-space-continuum thingy that I’ll never understand. It has to be. Right?

Slow the frig down, would ‘ya, time?!


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Nature Love

I just have to share this photo of something I stumbled upon yesterday while out doing dog walks:

snow heart

A beautiful, perfect, heart-shaped hole in the snow.

Mother Nature is so awesome, isn’t she? I absolutely love when she sends me neat little things like this.

If you want to see some more really cool, natural hearts, check out all the lovelies on this Pinterest board.


Dream House Dreamin’

house drawing

My apologies for being so quiet this week… I’ve been hanging out in dreamland lately! Lots going on around here, including a possible move!


There are a lot of pieces that need to fall into place for this to work for us — and we’re really only at the beginning stages — but I can’t help myself from thinking about it pretty much all the time!

We’ve got our eyes on a few places and each of them are wonderful in their own right and have great amenities to offer, but none of them are quite what I’d consider my dream home. I’m not sure if my dream home is even out there. If it is, I haven’t come across it yet and even if I did, I’m sure it would be wayyyyy out of our budget range anyway! I guess that’s why they call it a “dream” home, though, right? Because it only exists in your dreams?

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Here’s a list of stuff that would be included in my dream home:

  • cathedral ceilings with exposed-wood beams
  • a huge, stone front, wood-burning fireplace
  • at least three bathrooms
  • a bidet (gross… just kidding!!)
  • a reading nook
  • a big bay window
  • a sun room/porch with a spectacular view of the yard
  • a huge kitchen
  • a library with built-in bookshelves (and one of those ladders that rolls along the shelves!)
  • a finished basement (with enough space for me to have a yoga corner)
  • an art/craft studio
  • a wrap-around porch
  • a walk-in pantry
  • a room for the dogs
  • a “man room” for Ant
  • an in-ground pool
  • a red barn
  • a huge pasture with a pond or a stream
  • a spacious garden
  • a long, winding driveway
  • an old-fashioned lamppost
  • a workshop for Ant
  • lots of trees, including at least one weeping willow
  • white picket fences surrounding our property

That’s not asking for too much, is it?

Oh well… a girl can dream, can’t she?! 🙂


What things would be included in your dream home?

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A Sunday Lesson

checkers profile

It was another busy weekend in our household. It seems like all we ever do is run around and let life pass us by. That’s just the way things go sometimes, though, I guess.

This evening, I was given a much-needed reminder to look for beauty and happiness in the simplest places and to just enjoy the present moment. As I watched the sunlight dance on my dogs’ faces as they took their positions in their favorite window-watching spots, I was brought into a better frame of mind. I was reminded that life is beautiful, precious and joyful, no matter how busy, how monotonous, how predictable, how unpredictable, how whatever we may think it to be in a certain place in time. Nothing is guaranteed in life and all we have is the here and now, so we may as well enjoy it before it becomes a faded memory.

It’s something I sometimes forget when I get wrapped up in work and in the day-to-day going-ons of life and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. So, this evening, I urge you to take a moment to stop whatever you’re doing and just take in your surroundings. Notice the details in the faces of the people who are with you. Notice the color of the sky above you. Notice the fragrance in the air around you. Notice the change in temperature as the sun prepares to set. Notice the song of the nighttime insects. Just take notice of the world around you and be aware of if and how it affects you. Do this tonight, do this often and most of all, do this when you need a reminder of what life’s all about.

sally profile

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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I don’t know how I didn’t know about this sooner, but apparently, Friday was Cow Appreciation Day! I don’t know who deemed it so — it looks like Chick-fil-A uses it as a big marketing ploy, so maybe they had something to do with it — but it doesn’t really matter because for me, every day is cow appreciation day. Cows are not only just my favorite animal ever, but they also take up a lot of space in my home. No, I don’t have any beautiful bovines of my own (yet, anyway!), but I do have a pretty nice cow collection going on, or a cowlection, as I like to call it.

Wanna know what kind of cow stuff I have? Here ‘ya go:


cow solar cow

solar dancing cow


cow flag

garden flag


cow dust plug

phone dust plug


cow chalkboard



cow blanket

fleece blanket (the dogs think it’s theirs)


cow canvas

canvas portrait (This is actually Thunder, from Farm Sanctuary!)


cow collage

mosaic collage


cow jim shore 2

Jim Shore statue


cow jim shore

and another Jim Shore


cow mug



cow shelf sitter

shelf sitter (which I trash-picked! It still had the tags on it. Her eyes are a bit crooked, but still so cute.)


cow stuffed animal


And finally, my two favorite pieces in my cowlection:

cow yoga cow

yoga cow figurine


cow calendar

yoga cow calendar


There you have it… Yes, I know I come off a bit crazy, but I can’t help myself when it comes to cows!

Anyone else cow-crazy like me? What’s your favorite animal? What kind of stuff do you collect?


Weird Girl

Hey, blogosphere! I’ve missed you this week!

I’ve been crazy busy with my summertime pet-sitting schedule (and playing with my new Vitamix!! 🙂 ) and am just now getting a second to breathe.


I didn’t have much time to work on any substantial posts this week, but here’s an original poem I’ve been working on. It describes the ways in which I view myself and I think some of you can relate to it on some level:

weird girl

Weird girl’s different

she’s complex

she’s strange.

Weird girl sees things differently

lives differently

thinks differently.

Weird girl’s fueled by her passions

and driven by her heart.

Weird girl’s a thinker

a dreamer

a doer.

Weird girl likes different things

she needs different things

she wants different things.

Weird girl is not always what she seems

but she’s always true to her soul.

Weird girl thirsts for knowledge

and helping

and experiencing.

Weird girl doesn’t always “get” the world

and sometimes, it doesn’t “get” her either.

Weird girl wants to change the world

she can

she will.

Weird girl wonders why there aren’t more like her

but then she realizes she’s glad there aren’t.

Weird girl is wonderful

and powerful

and smart.

Weird girl is beautifully,




Celebrating Checkers’ Gotcha Day

Five years ago, today, we brought home this guy:

checkers tie

Adorable, I know! Unfortunately, when we adopted him, he didn’t look anything like this. He was skinny, full of ticks and sick with pneumonia. Our veterinarian said he was surprised that he even made it through the anesthesia for his neutering surgery! Anyone else probably would have passed right over an animal in as poor condition as he was, but we saw the potential in this little dog and decided to make him ours.

And I’m so glad we did!

Checkers makes us laugh every single day. We always say he is more human than dog and we really believe that he thinks he is. He drives us nuts with his crazy antics and non-stop energy and has ruined furniture and carpet with a bad leg-lifting habit. Oh, and let’s not forget about the unexpected (and very expensive!) knee surgery he needed right after Christmas… But the good far outweighs the bad and we wouldn’t trade him for the world!

Since we adopted Checkers from the shelter as an adult dog, we don’t know his actual birthdate. So instead, we celebrate his “Gotcha Day.” The term came from the CEO of the company I interned for in college. She adopted a little girl from China and apparently, Chinese birth records aren’t so great. There was confusion over her daughter’s actual birthdate, so instead, they celebrated the day they brought her home — her “Gotcha Day.” The name stuck with me and we now use it to celebrate all of our pets’ adopt-a-versaries.

In honor of his day, Checkers got a new toy and a special cupcake cookie:

We'll see how long this toy lasts...

We’ll see how long that lasts…

cupcake cookie

chex eating cookie

Sally, of course, reaped the benefits, with a toy and cookie of her own.

Spoiled, much? You bet! 🙂

Happy Gotcha Day, Chex! We love you, little man!!! ❤

Does anyone else celebrate their pets’ birthdays or adopt-a-versaries?