j and dorothy

That’s me on two legs. The cutie with the wheels is Dorothy, a former resident of Farm Sanctuary’s Watkins Glen shelter. Rest easy, girl.

Hey, all! I’m Jena and I’m happy that you’re here! I’m a New Jersey girl with a wonderful husband and a bunch of spoiled fur kids (2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 rats, to be exact!). I’m passionate about issues concerning animal welfare, veganism, crafting & DIY, cooking, reading, pets, traveling, yoga, writing and saving the planet. Cows make me happy, as does a steaming cup of herbal tea, a thunderstorm on a summer evening, getting lost in a bookstore and a spontaneous drive to nowhere in particular. This is my place to share a little bit of myself with the world, so come along on the journey, if you’d like! My hope is that you leave my blog feeling inspired, informed, enlightened, or at the very least, entertained. 

Welcome! And enjoy!





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